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What Does “Muyani” Mean in “Go Go Muyani” Lyrics?

by Lily Morgen
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Muyani meaning

You may have heard of “Muyani” in a popular song with TikTok users mouthing the lyrics “Go Go Muyani.” You may be confused what’s the meaning, and wonder to know where it comes from. This article will give you these answers in detail.

Muyani” Meaning in “Go Go Muyani”

Many people who’re singing “Go Go Muyani” don’t even know what it means. “Muyani” in “Go Go Muyani” is a wrong spelling word by TikTok users, the right spelling should be “Mulignane”.   

“Mulignane” is a bad word, which means “eggplant”, an Italian-American slang for black people. ‘Muyani’ has been recognized as a racial slur and better not to use the lyrics “Go Go Muyani”.

How “Go Go Muyani” Come From

Actually, “Go Go Muyani” is the misinterpreted lyrics, the correct one should be “Go Go Mulignane”, which is the lyrics in the 6ix9ine’s song of TATI, released in 2018.

Mulignane” is a seldom-seen word, and its pronunciation is /moo.lin.yan, which is very similar to the pronunciation of “Muyani”. So many TikTok users mistaken Mulignane” for Muyani”.

If you have looked at the song movie or listened to the song, you may also think the lyrics should be “Go Go Muyani” when 6ix9ine sings that part.

Can You Use “Go Go Muyani”

It is not recommended to use “Go Go Muyani” in your daily life as it is a racially offensive slur that is targeted to dark-skinned people.


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