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What Does Hobknocker Mean?

by Lily Morgen
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Hobknocker Meaning

You may first hear “hobknocker” and are curious what’s the meaning of it. Actually, “hobknocker” is a made-up word, that doesn’t exist in the English vocabulary.  

Back in February 2009, when “hobknocker” first appeared on the Nickelodeon show iCarly on the episode “iRocked the vote”, where Wade Collins insulted everyone and called them “hobknockers”. From this episode, we can know hobknocker is a dirty word that implies being gross and illegal.

Hobknocker Origin

“Hobknocker” was a new word created by the iCarly people in the episode “iRocked the vote” in February 2009.

In this episode, the iCarly team, who are big fans of the show “America Sings,” rally their viewers to support David Archuleta against his British rival, Wade Collins (a British character). To everyone’s surprise, David wins after a series of commercials.

The following day, a news report suggests that iCarly’s endorsement might have contributed to David’s victory. The iCarly team, feeling sympathetic towards Wade who lied that his mother was sick and needed the prize money for her treatment, invites him to their show. They aim to boost his popularity and help him land a recording contract, even offering to create a music video for him.

However, after the show, Wade’s unpleasant personality comes to light. He is rude, arrogant, and disrespectful, and frequently uses the insult “hobknockers.”

Carly wonders what the meaning of “hobknocker”. Sam whispers it and Carly responds “that’s gross”, then Sam replies “and illegal”. Wade says Carly and Sam are stupid American girls, he also further labels they’re hob-knockers. Wade argues he hates children, teenagers, animals, and wants money.

Hobknocker Meaning

Watchers were confused why such an inappropriate term “hobknocker” could appear on the show iCarly, which was known for its educational content for kids aged 10-15. 

The show never revealed the real meaning of hobknocker, but many American viewers, children, and parents want to know what Sam whispers to Carly, so that they can know what exactly it means. 

Although there are no answers from the show, we can clearly learn Wade uses hobknocker as a degrading insult. Perhaps the writers of iCarly just thought it was a funny word or maybe they intended to avoid saying some dirty and unspeakable things by using hobknocker to replace.

After the episode aired, people made up several definitions of hobknocker with the meaning of someone that does something gross and illegal, including: 

  • A British slang, term for abuse or contempt
  • Someone who mastur… in public restrooms” 
  • Someone who hits others in the face with a pe..”
  • Someone who has se… with animals
  • Someone who is addicted to alcohol and illegal drugs

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