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What Does Bussin Mean – Gen Z’s Way of Saying Something is Really Good

by Lily Morgen
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Delicious pizza Bussin

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard of the slang word “Bussin” from some TikTok users. The term is most commonly used among teenagers and young adults, particularly TikTokers.

You might be confused as to what it means, how did it come from, and how to use it. This post will provide you with details.

What Does Bussin Mean?

Bussin is a new slang word that appears frequently on TikTok. When you say “It’s bussin”, it means that something is really great. It is basically Gen Z’s way of saying something is really good.

Busan is used to describe delicious food, then its uses were introduced to other awesome things, such as describing something or someone amazing. For example, tasty snacks, cool cars, beautiful haircuts, or amazing clothes.

Bussin Using Example

If you eat dinner in a new restaurant and really love the chicken the restaurant made, you can say “this chicken is super tasty, it’s bussin!”

You can say “That movie is totally bussin!” to describe an exciting new film you saw. Or, if your friend has a great new style, you could say “That outfit is bussin!”

Sometimes, the phrase will be repeated twice for emphasis, for example, “this pizza is bussin’ bussin'”.

Where Did Bussin Come From

According to Google Trends, the search trend or search interest in the word “bussin” was in peak in February 2021. Its popularity may experienced 4 times: Bussin (Whole Brand New), Chinaglivens, Janelle Rohner, and Bussin (song).

The Song – Bussin (Whole Brand New)

It may be the first time Bussin was introduced when the rapper Tay Money released her song “Bussin (Whole Brand New)” in March 2020. 

The music video currently has over 13 million views on YouTube. The initial peak can be seen in the Google trends below In March 2020.

Chinaglivens – TikToker

A year later, “bussin” went viral through a TikTok video by the user “chinaglivens”, where she said “Hot sauce and chicken? OMG, it is so good. It’s gonna be bussin bussin!”  This video has received 5.2 million views and 192k comments.

@chinaglivens♬ original sound – China glivens

“Is it bussin, Janelle?”

Other videos that makes Bussin widespread are videos of people saying “Is it bussin, Janelle?”

Janelle Rohner, A foodie, when she saw “bussin” was popular in Tiktok, she didn’t know its meaning and then asked her followers the meaning of this slang term in March 2021.

@janellerohner I’m so confused? Bussin?? #bussin #keto ♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

To her surprise, she didn’t get a direct answer. Instead, TikTokers edited her videos of her eating and responded with “Is it bussin, Janelle?”. This video series quickly became popular.

As Bussin is commonly used in food, so it can be used to ask if Janelle’s food is delicious. That’s why many people say “Is it bussin, Janelle?” on her food videos.

@nataliepizzaa #stitch with @janellerohner is it janelle? #janellerohner #foryou #bussin #blowthisup ♬ original sound – Nat

After knowing the meaning of Bussin, Janelle said “To answer your question, yeah it’s bussin.” 

@janellerohner Snackin….and the answer to the most asked question… video inspo: @_ms_frost_ #keto #bussin #mukbang #foodtiktok ♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

Bussin (song)

“Bussin” is a also song released by rappers Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby on February 11, 2022.

Final Thought

Bussin just means something that is awesome or amazing. It’s a great way to compliment something (usually food) without having to use the same words (like good) over and over again.

So the next time you find something that is really cool, give it a bussin rating! It’s the perfect way to show your appreciation.

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