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How Did Jack Harlow Achieve A Net Worth Of $15 Million

by Lily Morgen
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Jack Harlow Net Worth

Have you ever stopped to think about Jack Harlow’s Net worth? Jack Harlow is a well-known American rapper and songwriter. You most probably know him from his famous hit song ‘Whats Poppin’.

Harlow has an estimated net worth of about $15 million as of 2023. The question as to how he made his millions at such a young age. Here you will learn exactly how.

Early Life

Jack Harlow was born as Jack Thomas Harlow in 1998 to a business woman who goes by the name of Maggie Harlow and Brian Harlow. He was born in Louisville Kentucky and has one other sibling.

Harlow was raised in a musical household. He was exposed so much to country music (from his father) and his mother was a huge fan of rap and hip hop. He was heavily exposed to rap and hip hop which ultimately gave him the passion to start rapping at the tender age of 12.

He joined forces with his friend and used basic music material to start rapping. They created a CD called ‘Rippin’ and Rappin’ and began selling CD copies at Highland Middle School (which was the school Jack was attending at the time).

Harlow continued to perfect and work on his rap flow which then gave him the opportunity to acquire more advanced music technology which enabled him to make his first ever mixtape.

Career Development

The Begging of Rapper Journey

In November 2015, Harlow released his first EP ‘The Handsome Harlow’. Throughout his time in high school, he had various shows that he sold out in at various different venues. He did a few headliners here and there also.

In June 2016, Harlow managed to release his mixtape called ‘18’ after leaving Atherton high school in less than one month. This mixtape happened to be the first album he had created on his music label, Private Garden.

In 2017, he released his single ‘Routine’ in the summer and then went on to release another single in October of that year called ‘Dark Knight’. The good thing about his second single was that Harlow was about to produce a music video for it.

2018 and Beyond

Harlow went to move to Atlanta. He really had a passion to really make his rap career work, so he began working in the cafeteria at Georgia State University to help fund his career. Only after a month of working there, he was luckily introduced to DJ Drama.

In the summer of 2018, he was signed to DJ Drama and DJ Cannon’s record label (Generation Now) which is in correlation with Atlantic Records. During this time, Harlow released his massive label debut mixtape called ‘Loose’ of which he collaborated with various different artists.

In 2019, he was nominated for a BET Hip Hop Awards for the best mixed tape. Later on, in that same year, Jack went to release the single ‘Thru the Night’ which features Bryson Tiller, and currently has over 10 million views on Youtube.

It was in January of 2020 that Harlow released his well-known single ‘Whats Poppin’, which made him famous. By 10, March 2022, its Youtube video to this song exceeded 152 million views.

The popularity of the hit song made Harlow produce a remix that included some big rappers in the game (Da Baby, Tory Lanez, and Lil Wayne). The remix was such a hit that it reached number 2 on the Hot 100 charts.

Later, Harlow released two singles ‘Tyler Herro’ and ‘Way Out’ in his debut studio album ‘That’s What They All Say’, along with ‘Whats Poppin’ and its remix.

2020 was a massive year for Harlow, as that was when you could really see his career blossom. After his success with ‘Whats Poppin’, he then went on to do further collaborations with various hip hop and R&B stars which range from the likes of Chris Brown, Eminem, and Lil Nas X.

In 2021, he released several collaboration singles with other stars. For example, the single ‘Industry Baby’, a collaboration with Lil Nas X, reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It is Harlow’s first No.1 single on this chart and made him more popular.

Jack Harlow Net Worth 2023

Jack Harlow has an estimated net worth of roughly $15 million as of 2023. As a popular rapper and songwriter, we can guess that some of his earnings have come from singles and album sales and contracts with big record labels. Meanwhile, some of his incomings are from brand endorsements.

He is also taking a punch at acting. In 2022, it was announced that Harlow will be in the reboot of the famous 1992 film White Men Can’t Jump which originally starred Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson.

Harlow is just the beginning of his rapper career, his wealth will definitely increase for his future work and fame.

What Can We Learn From Jack Harlow

It Is Ok To Be Yourself

Jack Harlow really honors the black culture through his music. He was active in the Black Lives Matter Movement.

In an interview he did with ‘Cool Accidents’ back in 2020, he stated,” this is the path the universe has chosen and it needs to happen so there’s change” to really show how passionate he is about the black culture which is not just expressed in his music but also in his righteous beliefs.

He did not let the fact that he is a white rapper stop him from pursuing his dream and continuing to rise.

Always Seek An Opportunity

Harlow has been grinding and working hard from the tender age of 12. He saw the passion for hip hop music from his mother and did what he could to enhance his career. Moving forward, with What’s Poppin’, although the single did very well on its own, he needed to reach a wider market to ultimately make more money and gain more fame.

He not only did a remix, but he also conducted a remix with three major rap and hip hop stars which just increased his popularity. From this, he went on to do interviews with radio shows like The Breakfast Club. He has been on a few red carpets also. So the main lesson here is to not limit yourself, always seek a further opportunity.

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