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Who is Nona Sobo and What We Can Learn From Her

by Lily Morgen
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Nona Sobo

Nona Sobo is a Spanish actress, also known as Nona Soley Bosch or Mariona Soley Bosch. You may know her from her role as Irene in Spain’s TV series “Wrong Side of the Tracks” (Entrevias).

Besides as an actress, Sobo is also a model, who works with NickName Agency, a generation Z influence marketing and talent representation agency specializing on Instagram and on TikTok. Sobo accumulates more than 81,200 followers on TikTok and 163,000 on Instagram. 


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Besides this basic information, you may want to learn how her career started and how she became famous. Here you will find out.

Early Life

Nona Sobo was born on March 3rd, 2000 in Thailand. From her face, you can see her ethnicity is Asian. She was adopted and raised in Spain by Mel Sobo when she was two years old. 

It was at the age of 8 that Sobo started in music video advertising. She was chosen for a Barbie campaign by a booker when shopping with my mother in the supermarket.

Nona was from her name, Mariona. When she was too little, she couldn’t pronounce “Mariona” right, and would pronounce it as “Nona”. Her last name, Sobo, corresponds to the first syllable of each of her two last names, Soley Bosch. 

How Nona Sobo Became Popular

Nona Sobo played her first acting role in the TV series – Wrong Side of the Tracks in 2021 (season 1) and in 2022 (season 2). She plays Irene, the ‘granddaughter’ of Tirso Abantos (Jose Coronado).  

She has gained a ton of fame and followers as a result of the show’s influence. Season 1 and Season 2 gathered an average of 1.6 million – 1.8 million viewers, which accounts for 15%-17% audience share. These data were boosted after being incorporated into Netflix, Which made it have an international impact and gained followers in different countries. 

Sobo said she was “a stroke of luck” to be noticed by the casting director of Wrong Side of the Tracks when she was doing a casting for another series. Then she was invited to play the role of Irene.

Soba’s Role in Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Wrong Side of the Tracks addresses the real issues of family, drug-related crimes, and social reform in Spain. 

Tirso Abantos (Jose Coronado), a veteran, witnessed his community become dangerous due to drug dealers. However, he didn’t take action until he finds his granddaughter Irene (Nona Sobo) fall in love with drug gang Nelson Gutierrez (Felipe Londono) and he tries to protect her from drug dealers

What Can We Learn From From Nona Sobo

Pursue Your Dream

Sobo defines herself as a normal girl, who thinks your dreams may come true if you pursue them.  

When she was a little girl, she liked to wear her mother’s clothes, dresses, and heels. She said “It was obvious to me that I wanted to devote my life to the world of film. I used to say that I wanted to make a movie or a television series when I was younger. Dreams appear to come true, so let us pursue them.”  

She is Humble

When she stand out from the Entrevias, she said “We’re very happy with the audience so I’m fine with being talked about, but that doesn’t mean I think I’m famous or anything.”

She also said “It’s lucky to start my career as an actress at the hands of Jose Coronado. Irene was a challenging role, and Jose Coronado has helped me a lot. I owe everything to him” 


Sobo enjoys her work, and she would take advantage of anopportunity. Like Irene, she does everything in good faith and with love.

In terms of sports, she has tried everything, such as rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, dance, singing, horse riding…Generally, she likes learning and the world of art.

Open to Her Followers

Sobo has been open with her followers about her anxiety, attempting to normalize mental health issues, which are more common than we realize among young people. She also talked about her roots, her pride in them, and her love for her family.

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