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How Did Dalton Gomez Achieve A Net Worth of $20 Million?

by Lily Morgen
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Dalton Gomez Net Worth

Do you ever wonder about Dalton Gomez’s net worth? Most probably you know him as the husband of the famous singer, Ariana Grande. Dalton Gomez is an American luxury real estate agent with a net worth of $20 million as of 2023.

In this article, we will discuss how he reached such a big wealth at an early age, as well as what we can learn from him. 

Early Life 

Dolton Jacob Gomez was born on the 7th of August 1995 in South California. He had a good childhood and lived in Los Angeles. He showed interest in dancing but chose a different career when he grew up. Gomez studied at Citrus Valley High School, and graduated from the University of Southern California.

Husband of Ariana Grande

In February 2020, Dalton Gomez was caught kissing Ariana Grande at a well-known bar in Los Angeles. It was then confirmed that both Gomez and Grande had been dating for approximately two months by then. They had met through Ariana needing to buy a new home and Gomez became her point of contact.

Ariana Grande included Gomez in her video for her song ‘Stuck With You’ which features Justin Bieber. Due to the pandemic and everything being locked down, the two were spending a lot of time together during quarantine hence their relationship just blossomed and grew. On the 15th of May 2021, Ariana Grande announced via an Instagram post that she and Dalton Gomez were in fact married (after 18 months of dating). 

Luxury Real Estate Agent

Gomez started out working under the instruction of Aaron Kirman and made deals by himself with stars like Justin Bieber and Ella Mai. He has been always trying to provide value to clients instead of marketing himself, just like he said “I’m not really one to market myself”, “I try to go above and beyond for all my clients, and that translates into referral business.”

During his first 3 years of working for the Aaron Kirman Group, his job involved running all the operational aspects of the company (bearing in mind that the is one of the topmost luxurious real estate companies with the topmost real estate teams in Los Angeles) 

He currently is a 7 year veteran of the Luxury Real Estate market. In addition to this, he was the Director of Operations for the Aaron Kirman Group and works as the sole buyer’s agent. 

From his bio In the website of Aaron Kirman Group, it showed that Gomez represented several significant sales, like Pierre Koenig’s Case Study #21 and Craig Ellwood’s Case Study #16. 

Some of Gomez’s representations of sales include notable and innovative buildings by famous architects, such as Oscar Niemeyer, Richard Neutra, A. Quincy Jones, John Lautner, etc.

Prior to all of this, Gomez ensured that he worked extremely hard to increase his knowledge in the real estate field in particular, in luxury estates and architecture. This knowledge that he gained had a significant impact on getting him up the career ladder and dealing with A-list celebrities and connecting many high profile deals across the city. 

Therefore, Gomez is quickly becoming an industry titan in the fields of significant architecture and luxury estates.

However, in the recent team members of Aaron Kirman Group, Gomez is not listed. But he appears in another website of Aaron Kirman Group.  

Aaron Kirman Group

It should be mentioned Aaron Kirman Group here, as it is the company that makes Gomez rich.

According to the company introduction, Aaron Kirman Group was founded in 2017 from 7 agents to almost 70 in 18 months. It ranked the 10 highest producing teams in America selling $528,000,000 in residential real estate by The Wall Street Journal and Real Trends in 2019. Its real estate was $748 million in 2020. 

Aaron Kirman Group focuses on the luxury real estate market. It has a large client base that includes business giants, celebrities, royal families, significant financial institutions, and international investors who are looking for a luxurious lifestyle.

The founder, Aaron Kirman, with 20 years experience in luxury real estate, over $7 Billion in luxury home sales, represents the finest estates and is ranked in the top 5 luxury real estate agents in the US and the number 1 agent in Los Angeles.

Dalton Gomez Net worth 2023

Dalton Gomez has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of 2023. As a luxury real estate agent, we can guess that most of his earnings have come from the large commission percentages he has gained selling high-end homes. The profitable deals with many A-list buyers made him a rich guy. 

On the realtor’s website, he recently sold 15 homes. The deal price ranges from $1.3 million to $23 million, and the total amount is around $120 million. 

The typical luxury real estate agent commission is 5% to 6% of the home final sale price. So we can guess Gomez can earn a commission of $6 million – $7.2 million on these 15 properties. The website didn’t list the old sold homes.So we cannot get an accurate number of his commissions.

Gomez’s wealth will grow year by year as he can sell more luxury houses with the recommendation of his wife.

What Can We Learn From Dalton Gomez?

Knowledge is a Key to Wealth 

As a luxury real estate agent, it is easy to make money as the high-net-worth clients will not care much about the money. But they care much about the agent they are in touch with, care about a customized, timely and in-depth analysis of real estate market conditions.

As a 7 years industry titan, Gomez has been equipped with enough knowledge in luxury real estate and knows how to build relationships and trust with his clients. That helps him earn a reputation and money.

Choose the Top Company in Industry

As the top real estate agent in the US, Aaron Kirman Group helps a lot in the career development of Gomez. You can imagine that his colleagues are all top sales in luxury real estate, who he can learn from at the beginning of his career, for example, the marketing and negotiating skills. 

Meanwhile, the resources (potential customers) of the company are the top in the US, which gives him the opportunity to get in touch with the richest.

That told us that if you could work in the top company in your industry, you have a better chance to be successful. 

A Private Life Is The Best Life

Gomez lives a very private life. He is not even blue ticked verified on Instagram and has his page in private. Normally, celebrities with their income status are normally well known and in the public eye.

Rather than being so public and not using the fact that he knows and is associated with many celebrities (i.e. he is very close friends with Miley Cyrus), he remained private to focus on his goals. 

Sometimes exposing too much of yourself (especially now where we live in a world full of social media platforms that encourages us to be open about the intimate details of our lives); sharing too much can actually drift us and distract us away from our goals and reaching for the prize. Being private is key as it causes you to focus.

Hard Work Pays Off 

There have been several mixed reviews about his abrupt marriage to Ariane Grande however, there have been several comments particularly as to how hardworking Gomez is and how good he is for her. Generally, women tend to avoid men that are younger than them just due to responsibility and emotional intelligence.

However, we can see clearly from Gomez that he focused extensively on studying hard about his craft and career; focusing on that in order to gain the wealth he needs. He made sure that he was not in the limelight; everything he has done has always been hard work, laboring, and intense focus. 

Set Yourself With High Standards  

There are so many real estate roles available, but Gomez clearly has high standards. He purely wants the best out of life. Luxury real estate is hard to sell as its target customers are smaller than common real estate. As a salesperson, you may need more time and more knowledge to make a deal.

To top this off, he is married to one of the highest paid pop stars in the world. He continues to set high standards for himself, aiming for the best to live the life he wants to live.

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