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How to Use Dripify LinkedIn Automation Tool

by Lily Morgen
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How to Use Dripify LinkedIn Automation Tool

LinkedIn is a popular social networking site specifically designed for the business community. The platform focuses on bridging the gap between businesses and individuals. LinkedIn can be used for various activities, from finding jobs to getting in touch with clients and customers. This also includes generating leads on LinkedIn

But is it easy to manage all the tasks daily with a similar consistency?

When running a business, many tasks need to be taken care of, like finances, human resources etc. Running social media campaigns and keeping track of all the activities can take a lot of work to manage. This is where the need to use the LinkedIn automation platform as Dripify arises. 

Want to learn more about LinkedIn automation tools? Keep reading. 

What is a LinkedIn Automation Tool?

The effort and time one puts in to maintain an active social media presence on LinkedIn will determine your success over the platform. Like every other social media platform, you have to put in the effort to optimize your LinkedIn account. 

The surest way to do it is by using the LinkedIn automation tool. 

LinkedIn automation tools help you achieve optimum results with minimal efforts. All the activities that require human efforts will be automated using the tool and will help you fetch quality results.

With plenty of tools circling the internet, picking one is difficult. Luckily we have got it covered for you. Here we will talk about Dripify, one of the most amazing tools for automating tasks on LinkedIn. 

Let’s check out all its features one by one. 

Why Use Dripify LinkedIn automation?

Dripify is considered an innovative tool amongst all the others. Packed with plenty of features, this lead management software can help you gain optimum results in no time. This tool aims to deplete human efforts and ensure that all the tasks are performed without issues. 

Dripify can handle all these tasks, from scanning hundreds of profiles to sending out personalized connection requests. You can modify your lead generation strategies using the tool and get excellent results. 

Here is a list of benefits that Dripify provides to LinkedIn users:

Benefits of Using Dripify

Seamless Utilization of Resources

With Dripify, you can utilize all your time and efforts productively. After you have gathered all the data, the next thing will be to schedule all the tasks and maintain track of all the activities. Dripify will help you avoid performing tasks manually like:

  • Inviting people to join the group
  • Taking out profiles one by one

Thus, providing you with ample time to focus on other tasks like sales and finances. 

Provides Room for Personalization

With the LinkedIn automation tool, you have plenty of room for customizing and throwing in some personal touches to your messages. You can perform dual functions like sending invitation requests and bulk messages to potential clients.

Makes The Whole Lead-Generating Process Simple

Using Dripify, you can track all the campaigns and check which performed best. If you need in-depth analysis, you can make use of the campaign filters and look into each one of them by using the filters:

  • Geographical Location of the  place
  • Size of the organization

Helps In Improving Reach

With the help of Dripify, you can help in reaching out to your target audience by extracting all the information from the sources where your audience is active. It can be from the comments section, blog, Facebook group, etc. Copying and pasting such sensitive information manually is another task you can automate using Dripify. 

Assists in Building the Best Outreach Strategy

Dripify helps create and build a fantastic outreach strategy that will help you fetch leads and target audiences for the growth of your business. Along with that, you can also analyze the strategy and determine whether the results were fruitful for your business. 

Cancels out Human Errors

The main reason for using any LinkedIn automation tool is to diminish human interference. Dripify provides businesses with enough features to handle tasks without human effort. Using the tool, you can automate everything from sending messages to managing the campaigns.

What Activities Can You Perform with Dripify?

Dripify is one of the most renowned tools for handling activities over LinkedIn. Let’s take a quick look at how to use Dripify LinkedIn automation tool:

Automatic LinkedIn Connections

Dripify helps in connecting with the people who are benefiting your business the most. There are plenty of filters available which will help you in locating your prospects and sending them requests. You can either choose to use all the filters or make use of only a few that’s all up to you.

Automatic LinkedIn Messaging

Want to send in automatic replies as soon as you get a message? With Dripify, you can create a series of texts which will be sent to the prospect. Here are the steps for sending automated messages on Linkedin:

  • Find connections by using the search box or “My Network”. 
  • Transfer all the profiles to the CRM and then modify all the specifications accordingly. 
  • Fill in the template consisting of the “Last Name”, “First Name”, “Position”, and “Company” buttons that are available on the message box. 
  • Choose the number of contacts you want to send in the mail and click on” Launch”.

Automatic Profile Views

When adding profiles to the CRM, select the “View” option. After that, you must enter all the contact profiles and click “Launch”. Dripify automatically handles all other activities and shows you the relevant results. With this you can save plenty of time and effort. 

Targeting Precisely

In a manual search, you won’t be able to get hold of any significant profiles. But by using Dripify, you can target an audience that will help boost your business’s growth. There are several filters available that will help you in finding highly qualified prospects. You can then take away all the 

Tracking Campaigns

The native dashboard of Linkedin is limited to just a few activities. With Dripify, you can have a clear and in-deep look at how the campaign is performing. In case you are lacking somewhere, LinkedIn will also help you tackle that issue. With the help of the analytics section you can check out the whole performance of your efforts and figure out how well your campaign is performing.

Is LinkedIn Automation Tools Safe?

There has been an ongoing debate regarding using LinkedIn bot for quite some time. According to LinkedIn guidelines, you cannot use any automation tools. If you get caught using any of the tools, LinkedIn will flag your account and may suspend it. Therefore, before you start using any automation tool, keep a few points in mind:

Take It Slowly

Now that you know all about the LinkedIn automation tool and the functions of Dripify, install it and start using it. But a sudden increase in any of the activity over LinkedIn can put your account in the eyes of the Linkedin authority, which means the chances of your account getting banned is relatively high.

With Dripify, you don’t have to worry about such issues. Its inbuilt safety features make it a top priority to handle everything properly.

Replicate Human Behaviour

LinkedIn autopilot aims to mimic human behavior. Sudden boosts on your LinkedIn activity will create suspicion, causing your account to get restricted or flagged. Therefore, the LinkedIn lead generation tool should be used so that everything looks as natural as possible. 

Avoid Sending Too Many Invites

Not everyone to whom you have sent invites over LinkedIn will accept your request. You may face severe consequences if you have been sending in requests to plenty of people and have yet to be accepted in return. Thus, you should delete unaccepted bids within 30 to 45 days. 

Make Sure Not To Sound or Look Spammy

One thing that drives away customers is spam messages and emails. Making sure to personalize messages and reach out to people who have something to do with your business will make your LinkedIn account authentic. 

Set Limits According To The Guidelines

LinkedIn sets some strict guidelines for sending connection requests and messages. If you are crossing that limit, LinkedIn can flag your account and suspend it. While using automation tools, check whether they are following all the rules. 

To sum it up, one should do in-deep research before introducing the tool into one’s outreach strategy. 


Now that you know how to use the Dripify LinkedIn automation tool, the next thing is to make use of the tool to gain better results. Dripify is one of the most renowned tools for outreach. 

It helps you to connect with like-minded people over LinkedIn and ensures that there is a streamlined flow of communication. Dripify is a fantastic LinkedIn automation platform that helps you in reaching your goals in no time. 

So, install Dripify and start reaching out to people today.

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