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What English Word Has Three Consecutive Double Letters

by Lily Morgen
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English Words Have Three Consecutive Double Letters

When asked “What English word has three consecutive double letters,” “WOOLLEN” may come to your mind first because 1) you think it is a tricky question, 2) “W” in “WOOLLEN” stands for “double U,” followed by “double O” and “double L”. You’ll think you’re so smart. 

However, upon closer examination, you’ll realize that this interpretation is based on wordplay rather than the actual structure of the word. The most commonly used word is “BOOKKEEPER” (or its derivatives like “bookkeeping”), which literally has three consecutive sets of double letters: “OO,” “KK,” and “EE.” 

Also, there are other several English words that have triple consecutive double letters, including common words, place names, and personal names, but not included hyphenated words.

Please note: Words like ‘Mississippi’ and ‘committee’ also have three double letters, but they aren’t consecutive. You can notice there is 1 or 2 other letter interrupting the sequence, so these words are not what we’re talking about.

Common English Words Have Three Consecutive Double Letters

You probably have seen these words:

  • BOOKKEEP: The act of keeping records.
  • BOOKKEEPER: A person who maintains the records of financial transactions, typically for a business.
  • BOOKKEEPING: The activity or occupation of keeping records of the financial transactions of a business.
  • TATTOOEE: A person receiving a tattoo.
  • SUBBOOKKEEPER: Someone who assists or is subordinate to a bookkeeper. It is also a word with four consecutive double letters. Meanwhile, it may be the word has the most consecutive double letters.
  • COFFEEEEE: A person receiving coffee.
  • ANTIBOOKKEEPING:The prefix “anti-” suggests opposition, which implies being against bookkeeping.
  • BALLOONNESS: The quality or state of being like a balloon.
  • BARROOMMATE: Drink companion, a word combining “barroom” (a room where alcoholic drinks are served) and “roommate” (a person with whom one shares a living facility).
  • BASSOONNESS: The quality or state of being like a bassoon (a musical instrument).
  • BROOKKEEPER: Someone who takes care of a brook or small stream.
  • CHINOOKKEEPER: “Chinook” refers to a type of salmon or a warm wind. The term means someone who keeps or takes care of Chinooks.
  • CHOOKKEEPER: “Chook” is an informal term for a chicken in Australian and New Zealand English. A “chookkeeper” would be someone who keeps or raises chickens.
  • COOKKEEPER: Someone who takes care of cooks or perhaps a chef’s assistant.
  • CROOKKEEPER: A person who watches over or manages crooks or criminals.
  • COLLEENNESS: “Colleen” is an Irish term for a young woman. The word might refer to the quality or state of being a colleen.
  • DOOMMOOD: Feeling very sad or down. 
  • FEEDDOOR: A door on old stoves for putting in wood or coal. 
  • FLOODDOOR: A special door in Britain to stop floods. 
  • FLOORROOF: Roof beams that can also be a floor for a room above. 
  • FOODDOOR: A door to feed animals or birds. 
  • FOOTTOOL: A tool for foot care. 
  • HALLOOEE: A dog that a hunter calls to with a shout. 
  • ROOMMOOD: How a room feels. 
  • SHEEPPOOP: Waste from sheep. 
  • SLEEPPOOPER: Someone who ruins sleep, like a “partypooper.” 
  • SPOOKKEEPER: A boss of spies

H2: Place Names With Three Consecutive Double Letters

Geographical names often reflect the history, culture, and language of a place. Here are some place names that have three consecutive double letters:

  • NARCOOSSEE: A community in the United States
  • CASSAASSA: A mountain in Angola
  • WOOLLOOMOOLOO: A suburb in Australia
  • COOLLEEARLEE: A well in Australia
  • GAARRAAY: A park in Australia
  • MULLAALLA: A town in Afghanistan
  • TAUERNMOOSSEE: A lake in Austria
  • KASTEELLOOP: A stream in Belgium
  • SAASSAARE: A town in Estonia
  • IITTOOAIVA: A mountain in Finland
  • LAAKKII or LAAKKEE: A town in Finland
  • LUUKKAANAHO: A locality in Finland
  • TIIKKAANMAKI: A town in Finland
  • GOOSSEE: A lake in Germany.
  • MAASSEE: A lake in Germany.
  • KUUNNAATI: A mountain in Greenland
  • KALLOOPPARA: ​​A village in India
  • ALLAALLA: A town in Indonesia
  • SOOLLOOJEH: A town in Iran
  • SAASSAA: A town in Israel
  • ELLAAUUA: A locality in Morocco
  • LAABBAASIYA: A village in Morocco
  • NOGOONNUUR: A region in Mongolia
  • EEMMEER: A lake in the Netherlands
  • EEMMEERDIJK: A dike in the Netherlands
  • KJAAPPAAN: A lake in Norway
  • AALLAAKH: A town in Russia
  • AANNAAKH: A river in Russia
  • KUUTTAAKH: A town in Russia
  • LUUSSAARI: An Island in Russia
  • TIITTEEKH: A town in Russia
  • CAANNOOLE: A stream in Somalia
  • DAADDAALE: A town in Somalia
  • GEELLAAYE: A mountain in Somalia
  • GEELLOOFUUL: A mountain in Somalia
  • MUULLAAX: A mountain in Somalia
  • SAARREE: A well in Somalia
  • FEESSAAL: A town in South Africa
  • KAALLAAGTE: A name of many farms in South Africa
  • KAFFERSKRAALLEEGTE: A locality in South Africa
  • MOORREESBURG: A town in South Africa
  • NABABEEPPOORT: A pass in South Africa
  • STOFKRAALLEEGTE: A stream in South Africa
  • MAASSAADE: A town in Syria

Personal Surnames Have Three Consecutive Double Letters

Some surnames also have three consecutive double letters:


Final Thought

English is full of surprises, like words with three consecutive double letters. Whether it’s in common words, place names, or surnames, these linguistic gems remind us of the richness and diversity of the language. 

So, the next time you think of “BOOKKEEPER” as the only example, remember there’s a whole list out there. It’s just another fun fact about our rich and diverse language.

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