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10 Reasons Why Should You Drive Slower At Night

by Lily Morgen
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Drive Slower At Night

You may like to drive at night because the reduced traffic allows you to drive faster, but you need to drive slower than daytime driving as night driving need more attention. Here are some reasons why you should drive slower at night.

1. Your Visibility Is Greatly Reduced At Night

One of the most obvious reasons to drive slower at night is that your visibility is reduced and it’s harder to see clearly on the road. It can happen especially in rural areas where there are no streetlights.

Poor vision at night increases the chances of an accident. You should be more cautious which makes you drive slower.

Your headlights can only do so much, and they can actually create blind spots in your vision. Meanwhile, glare from oncoming traffic can make it difficult to see clearly. And it is more challenging to determine the speed of an approaching vehicle. 

2. Poor Visibility Results in a Slower Reaction Time

You cannot see long distance at night, so your reaction time drops off. This is dangerous when you are driving because you need to have a fast reaction time in order to avoid accidents.

For example, if the car in front of you stopped, you may not be mentally ready to quickly slow down and stop. This could lead to rear-ending the car in front of you, which could result in serious injuries.

3. You’re More Likely to Be Tired

Another reason to drive slower at night is that you’re more likely to be tired. After a long day at work, you want to arrive home early to stay with your family, but you’re easy to get tired when you’re driving at night.

The darkness can trick your brain into thinking it’s time to sleep. If you’re feeling tired, take a break before you get behind the wheel. 

And if you find yourself nodding off, pull over immediately and take a nap. It’s not worth risking an accident because you’re too tired to drive.

4. You May Not Be as Attentive at Night

It’s easy to let your mind wander when you’re driving at night. You may think about things that happened during the day or what you have to do tomorrow.

5. You Cannot See Dark Cloth Pedestrians and Dark Colored Vehicles

Another reason to drive more slowly at night is that pedestrians and vehicles can be harder to see. If a pedestrian is wearing dark clothing, they may not be visible until it’s too late. And if a vehicle’s color is black, it can be more challenging to spot.

6. The Roads Can Be Slick If It’s Raining At Night

When it rains, the water can fill potholes and make the road appear smooth. However, when you hit it, you could bust an axle and lose control. 

The roads are more likely to be slick at night since the sun has gone down and the temperature has cooled. This can make it more difficult to maintain traction, especially if you’re driving too fast.

7. You May Drive a Long Distance at Night

If you’re driving a long distance at night, you need to be extra careful. That’s because fatigue can set in more easily when you’re driving for a long period of time.

8. You May Drink Alcohol at Night

If you’re going out at night, there’s a chance you might drink alcohol. Even if you only have a few drinks, alcohol can impair your judgment and reaction time. So it’s always best to avoid drinking any alcohol before driving.

9. There May Be Fog

Some weather conditions like fog can reduce your visibility to almost zero. If you can’t see the road in front of you, it’s impossible to drive safely. So, if you find yourself driving in foggy conditions, be sure to take it slow. 

10. You’re More Likely to Get Pulled Over

Police officers are more likely to pull over drivers at night, so it’s important to be extra careful when you’re driving after dark. Stick to the speed limit, and be sure to obey all traffic laws. If you do get pulled over, stay calm and be respectful to the officer.

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