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How Sutton Stracke Achieved The Net Worth Of $50 Million?

by Lily Morgen
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Sutton Stracke Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Sutton Stracke is? Sutton Stracke is a Reality TV personality, businesswoman, ballet dancer, event planner, and socialite.

She is known most for appearing as a main cast member in Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reality TV show. Here, we’ll discuss how she made approximately a net worth of $50 million, and what we can learn from her success story.

Early Life

She was born on September 20, 1971, with the birth name Sutton Thurman Stracke, and raised in Augusta, Georgia. Her parents, Reba Brown, worked as a social worker for the Veterans Administration, and John T. Brown was a painter, sculptor, and architect in private practice.

She has two siblings who live private lives away from media attention. Sutton Stracke moved to New York in her early 20s to study ballet dancing.

Sutton Stracke finished her high school at Davidson Fine Arts High School in Augusta, Georgia. She proceeded to complete college at the University of Chicago before moving to New York in her early 20s to pursue a career as a ballet dancer.

Career Development


Sutton Stracke started her early career as a professional dancer. She then chose to move from her native state of Georgia to New York to seek better opportunities. Her talent led her to perform at numerous events around the country which marked the beginning of her early professional career.

She went on to become a Director of Development at the Cunningham Dance Foundation. After some years she proceeded to become the Executive Director at the Augusta Ballet in her hometown.

After her career as an executive director, she worked as a board member of the American Ballet Theater, MOCA, and P.S. Arts. She used her experience to guide young talented dancers.

Party Host and Event Planner

By around 2015, She began exploring a different career from her previous dance-related work. She became a top party host and event planner gaining a name for herself for throwing the most amazing parties in the country and she even made The Salonniere 100 (a list of the best party hosts in the U.S.A.)

Boutique “SUTTON”

In 2019, Sutton Stracke took a big step in the business world by launching her very own lucrative boutique in West Hollywood Beverly Hills.

A place that is well known for high fashion and being the chief residence of celebrities and people with a lot of wealth. She named her boutique “SUTTON” after her first name. It offers furniture, clothing, art, and decorative furnishings for sale. The inauguration was a grand affair that was even covered by the popular Los Angeles Times in October 2019.


Sutton Stracke made yet another career move unrelated to her dancing origins in 2020.  This time, she got cast in season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She joined RHOBH originally as a friend, not a full-time cast member. She still enjoyed favorable reception by the other cast members and the public audience.

From season 11, she’s now considered a popular full-time housewife on the reality tv show. She has built up a fan following on social media like Twitter and Instagram. She profited from this boost in the audience to become a social media influencer. Earning her yet another career to add to her already impressive list.

Sutton Stracke’S Net Worth 2023

Sutton Stracke has an estimated eye-popping net worth of $50 million. Fellow cast member and friend, Lisa Rinna revealed that Sutton inherited most of her net worth from her ex-husband Christian Stracke after their divorce.

Apart from that, Real estate has also been a major part of Stracke’s portfolio. In 2012 she and her ex-husband paid $7 million for their Mansion in Bel air which Sutton received in the divorce. She continues to own an estate in her native Georgia and a three-bedroom New York City condo.

Sutton makes around $100,000 as a party planner and event host. She was paid $22,500 per episode for playing a supporting role in Friends. Sutton Stracke rose to fame once more as a star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” a popular television series.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pay their cast members $60k per season. For example, has made over $60k per season, while the exact amount is unknown.

She is also the owner of a fashion store. Sutton Stracke earns somewhere between $30,500 and $90,500 as a boutique owner.

What We Can Learn From Sutton Stracke

A Diverse Skill Set Is Good

Sutton Stracke can easily be called a jack of all trades. As a host or planner, she makes a lot of money per event or party while also making money from her other income sources. This is noteworthy because her original career was strictly dancing.

Sutton then embraced the business world by owning a boutique. She also didn’t stop diversifying here with these two careers.

She adds the trendy career of being a social media influencer to her growing list of careers. This earns her another source of income.

Of course, her most popular career choice has been joining reality Tv. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has only boosted her other careers. As a media personality, she gets to enjoy the benefit of having attention on her and her businesses.

Perseverance Pays Off

Sutton Stracke was originally offered the opportunity to appear as one of the main cast members of the series, but she couldn’t make it that time due to issues and drama going on in her divorce. But she got a lesser role to start with anyway.

She played the less shiny role of being just a “Friend” of the main cast member till she got promoted to the main cast in season 11. She worked well in her role on the show, leaving a big impression on the cast and the audience alike. This hard work and dedication brought her a lot of fame and the success that typically comes with it.

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