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How Supa Cent Achieved A Net Worth of $5 Million?

by Lily Morgen
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Supa Cent Net Worth

As the founder of the cosmetic brand The Crayon Case, she has been popular since 2018 when she achieved online sales of $1 million in just two hours. 

As an Instagram comedian, Supa leverages her fans and converts them into clients. That makes her successful for The Crayon Case. However, her journey from zero to build such a large cosmetic empire in such a short time was not easy. In this article, we’ll discuss how she found her way, as well as what we can learn from her inspiring story. 

Early Life

Supa was born as an African American with the name Raynell Steward on the 2nd of February 1988 in Louisiana, United States. She was raised in difficult conditions by her single mother, and besides being poor and fatherless, Supa has been a victim of bullying in middle school, which made her depressed, but finally, she went out of depression by making jokes as a response. 

The bullying experience helped her gain a good sense of humor and established her as a comedian, which afterward enabled her to make funny videos on Vine and gain popularity. 

Career Development

Supa started her career with random low-paying jobs and worked as a housekeeper and waitress. Settling for those jobs less wasn’t what Supa was aspiring for. Therefore, making a jump from low-paying jobs to higher ranks was only a matter of time. 

This difficult phase of her life made her appreciative and kind to people who are in the same situation now, which made her once give a $1000 tip to a waiter for being patient with her family. 

Supa persevered and worked in several locations. After accumulating some money and experience, her effort paid off and she started climbing the career ladder until she became the CEO of the Nola-based company Bayou Scouter Rentals. Then, she moved to a similar position for the entertainment company Watch My Smoke Ent.

Her life began to have a big change after posting funny videos on Vine in 2013 and attracted much attention. Later, after Vine got shut down in January 2017, Supa transferred her followers to YouTube and Instagram. Her fans were interested in her storytime videos and makeup tutorials. These two platforms are where she started to blow up.

Supa’s thirst for success wasn’t quenched. Working for others just didn’t seem like the best thing for her, she was sure she could do more than that. 

Having worked as the CEO of two companies, besides her fans asking her to do tutorials, Supa decided to develop her own entrepreneurial ideas and combine them with her passion for beauty and makeup. This led her later to create her successful company The Crayon Case.

The Crayon Case

Supa Cent decided to walk her own path, and it proved to be the best decision of her life. Supa created The Crayon Case in 2017. Her potential clients are amateur makeup artists, newbies, as well as veterans. 

One of the most successful reasons that make The Crayon Case stand out is that users can paint any picture they can imagine with her brand, unlike other makeup brands that have limited hues and inhibit ideas of what they could​​ look like.

Supa first gained its popularity in the field of beauty after the online sales revenue of her brand The Crayon Case cracked the 1 million dollar mark in just 90 minutes on Cyber Monday 2018. Then she set another milestone where she reached the online sales revenue of 1.3 million dollars in just one hour in Cyber Monday 2019. 

A huge part of her popularity is actually attributed to her activity on social media.

She has around 2.7 Million followers on Instagram and 203k subscribers on YouTube. Using these two platforms as marketing mediums, Supa was able to attract attention not only to her products but also to herself and her lifestyle.

Supa Cent’s Net Worth 2023

Supa Cent has an estimated net worth of roughly 5 million dollars, this number mainly comes from her The Crayon Case business. Her wealth will grow in the future as she is passionate about beauty products and her company is growing.

What Can We Learn from Supa Cent?

Being Persistent is a Key to Success

Supa Cent is a prime example of a self-made woman. Growing up in poor conditions and having to work in low-salary jobs, she never stopped believing in herself and the ideas she had. Slowly but surely, she defied all the odds and made her steps toward fame and wealth in the coolest of ways.

Maintaining Positivity is Possible Even in Dark Times

Supa had every reason to blame the outside world and be depressed. From her absent father, who was not there to support her at an early age, to her classmates’ bullying in middle school, and finally to the struggles she faced in her low-paying first jobs. 

She kept a positive attitude towards it all, and managed to turn it into fuel that motivates her to reach higher places. Not only that, but Supa also admits that the bullying she experienced was the main reason she developed a funny sense of humor.

Tell Your Story on Social Media to Acquire Follows then Convert

Followers are your potential customers in the future. Before Supa became a beauty guru, she has been using the right content marketing strategy to attract attention. For example, posting funny videos on Vine in 2013, then sharing makeup tips, recipes, lives and personal stories on Instagram and Youtube.

Building Connections with Everyone is the Key to Increase Sales

When asked about the major key for her success, Supa said, “The secret sauce is engaging with your followers. I engage with all my fans. I engage with everyone. Whoever comes to my page, I engage with them! I promote a lot, and I’m involved with the people that spend money with me.” 

This proves that engaging with everyone is the best practice when using social media for business. This engagement can expand your brand and enhance your sales drastically.

Moreover, it is also important to have a healthy environment where you can strive and focus on your goals. Supa has a loving family and close friendships, but according to her, one must reach out for support through strangers first.

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