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11 Ideas To Make Oatmeal Taste Good

by Lily Morgen
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Oatmeal is a healthy and filling breakfast option, but it can be quite bland. If you’re looking for ways to make oatmeal taste better, here are a few ideas.

1. Add Some Spices

One way to make oatmeal taste better is to add some spices. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger are all great options. Start with a small amount and add more to taste. You can also experiment with other spices like cardamom or cloves.

2. Top With Seeds And Nuts

Topping your oatmeal with seeds and nuts is a great way to add flavor and texture. Seeds like pumpkin or sunflower add a nice crunch, while nuts like almonds or walnuts add some richness. Adding a handful of these toppings will also give you an extra boost of protein and healthy fats.

3. Add Some Fruit

Another way to make oatmeal taste better is to add some fruit. Fresh or dried fruit will work, and you can even add a little bit of jam or honey for sweetness. Berries, bananas, and apples are all great options.

4. Try Different Flavored Milk

If you typically eat your oatmeal with plain milk, try switching things up and using flavored milk. Chocolate, vanilla, and almond milk all make oatmeal taste richer and more flavorful. You can also add a splash of cream or yogurt for some extra creaminess.

5. Use Other Types Of Oats

If you’re getting tired of eating regular rolled oats, try using other types of oats instead. Steel-cut oats have a chewy texture, while quick oats cook up more creamy. You can also try using oat bran or oatmeal flakes for different textures and flavors.

6. Put Some Salt In It

You might not think to add salt to your oatmeal, but a little bit can actually enhance the flavor. Start with a pinch and add more to taste. You can also try using other types of salt like Himalayan salt or sea salt.

7. Add Healthy Protein

Oatmeal pairs well with Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or a scoop of protein powder. Adding protein to your oatmeal will make it more filling and satisfying. If you’re looking for an extra boost, try adding a boiled egg or some bacon.

8. Add Vegetables

You can add vegetables to oatmeal? Yes, you can. Grated carrots, zucchini, sweet potato, and pumpkin all work well. You can also add spinach or kale for some extra nutrients. The best part is that you won’t even taste the veggies if you add enough fruit or spices.

9. Add Granola

Granola is a great way to add flavor and texture to oatmeal. It also gives you a little boost of energy from the oats and nuts. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, top your oatmeal with some chocolate chips or shredded coconut.

10. Get Creative With Flavor Combinations

There are endless possibilities when it comes to flavor combinations. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Chocolate and banana
  • Cinnamon and apple
  • Strawberry and basil
  • Blueberry and lemon
  • Maple syrup and bacon

11. Get Creative With Your Toppings

There are endless possibilities when it comes to toppings for oatmeal. In addition to the options mentioned above, you can also try adding chocolate chips, shredded coconut, or even a scoop of peanut butter. Get creative and experiment with different combinations until you find something you love.

Final Thought

The best way to find out what works is to experiment. Start with a base of oatmeal and add different combinations of toppings until you find something you like. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to food so have fun with it.

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