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How To Become A Professional Cuddler

by Lily Morgen
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Professional Cuddler

Are you a kind, compassionate, and understanding person who enjoys cuddling? If so, you may be suitable to become a professional cuddler.

There are many reasons why people would want to hire a cuddler. Maybe they’re going through a tough time and need someone to offer them comfort and support. 

Perhaps they’re dealing with anxiety or depression and find that cuddling helps them feel better. Or maybe they’re just lonely and crave physical affection.

Whatever the reason, cuddlers can provide a much-needed service to people who are seeking non-sexual touch and intimacy. If you think you have what it takes to be a professional cuddler, read on for more information about how to get started in this unique and rewarding field.

What Does a Professional Cuddler Do?

A professional cuddler is someone who offers their time and companionship to people in exchange for money. Cuddlers provide non-sexual physical affection and intimacy, often through hugging, spooning, massaging, and simply sitting or lying together in a comforting embrace. You should welcome clients of various racial backgrounds, genders, ages, and sexual orientations.

Cuddling is a relatively new industry, but it’s one that is rapidly growing in popularity. There are now cuddling services available in many cities across the United States, as well as in other countries around the world.

How Much Do Professional Cuddlers Make?

Most professional cuddlers charge by the hour, with rates typically ranging from $60 to $200 per hour. Cuddlers who offer longer sessions or overnight stays may charge more.

Professional cuddlers can also make money through tips and gratuities. Many cuddlers report that they receive 20-30% of their income from tips.

How to Become a Professional Cuddler

If you’re interested in becoming a professional cuddler as your career, there are a few things that may help you get started.

1. Find A Professional Cuddling Service Or Company That You Can Work For

The first step is to find a professional cuddling service or company that you can work for in your area. 

There are many cuddling services available, so take some time to research the different options to only work with one that is reputable and that you feel comfortable with. This will help to ensure that you have a positive and safe experience as a cuddler.

Once you’ve found a few potential cuddling services, contact them and inquire about any open positions or upcoming training programs. Many cuddling services require their employees to undergo cuddling training before they can begin work.

2. Get Trained In Cuddling

If you’re serious about becoming a cuddler, it’s important to get trained in the art of professional cuddling. This will ensure that you know how to cuddle safely and effectively, and it will give you the opportunity to learn about the different techniques that can be used to provide a truly enjoyable experience for your clients. 

There are several cuddling training programs available, both online and in-person. Do some research to find a program that is right for you and that fits your schedule and budget.

3. Get Certified As A Professional Cuddler

Once you’ve completed a professional cuddling training program, you may also want to get certified as a professional cuddler. Certification is not required to work as a cuddler, but it can give you an edge over the competition and show potential clients that you are a credible and qualified cuddler.

There are several organizations that offer certification for professional cuddlers, such as the International Professional Cuddlers Association (IPCA) and the Cuddlist. Certification typically requires passing an exam and may also require completing additional training.

4. Skills You’ll Need As A Professional Cuddler

Generally, you should love touch, have good interpersonal and communication skills, and be trustworthy.

Love of Touch

First and foremost, you must enjoy touching and being touched in order to be a successful professional cuddler. You should be comfortable with physical affection and intimacy, and you should be able to express affection through touch in a non-sexual way.

Good Interpersonal Skills

You’ll be working closely with clients and forming close relationships with them. It’s important that you have good interpersonal skills and that you’re able to communicate effectively with others. You should also be a good listener and be able to empathize with your clients.

A Good Listener

Listening is an important skill for professional cuddlers. You need to be able to understand what your clients are saying and how they’re feeling, both verbally and non-verbally. This will allow you to provide the best possible cuddling experience for them.


Your clients will be trusting you with their bodies and their emotions, so it’s important that they can trust you. You should be honest and reliable, and you should always respect your clients’ boundaries.

Physical Strength And Stamina

Cuddling may seem like a relaxing activity, but it can actually be quite physically demanding. You’ll need to be able to support your client’s weight, as well as your own, for extended periods of time. It’s also important that you have good physical stamina, as you may be required to cuddle for long periods of time without taking a break.


As a cuddler, you’ll need to be flexible in order to accommodate the needs of your clients. You may be required to cuddle in different positions, and you’ll need to be able to adjust on the fly based on your client’s comfort level.

Safety Awareness

It’s important that you are aware of the safety concerns associated with cuddling, as you’ll be working closely with clients who may be vulnerable. You should know how to properly position yourself and your client to avoid any potential injuries, and you should be aware of the signs of discomfort or distress.

Learn to Protect Yourself First

Cuddling may seem like a safe activity, but there are actually some risks associated with it. In order to protect yourself, it’s important to learn about the potential dangers of cuddling and how to avoid them. This includes understanding the risks of physical contact, as well as the risks of emotional intimacy.

Physical contact can lead to injuries, such as strains or sprains, if you’re not careful. It’s also important to be aware of infectious diseases your clients may have, as you could contract something if you have an open wound.

Emotional intimacy can be just as risky as physical contact, if not more so. When you form an emotional connection with someone, you may be opening yourself up to potential hurt feelings or even manipulation. It’s important to be aware of these risks and to set clear boundaries with the people you cuddle with to avoid any potential problems.

If you have any concerns about these risks, it’s best to consult with a medical professional before engaging in any type of physical contact.

How To Market Yourself As A Professional Cuddler

Once you’re trained and certified as a professional cuddler, it’s time to start marketing yourself to potential clients. There are several ways to do this, including creating a website or online profile, advertising in local publications, and networking with other professional cuddlers.

It’s also important to create a professional cuddling agreement that outlines the expectations and boundaries of your service. This will help to ensure that both you and your client are on the same page and that there are no surprises during the cuddling session.

Final Thought

Once you’ve found a cuddling service to work for, completed training, and obtained certification, you can be well on your way to success in this rewarding career. 

Begin by marketing yourself to potential clients and scheduling appointments. Be sure to communicate clearly with your clients about your services and what they can expect from a session with you.

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