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What is the Meaning of Joji’s Song “Glimpse of Us”?

by Lily Morgen
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Joji's Song "Glimpse of Us"

Joji’s song “Glimpse of Us” seems to be a poignant song about the struggle of moving on from a past relationship. The lyrics describe the protagonist’s difficulty in letting go of his ex-girlfriend, despite being in a new relationship. 

The song name “Glimpse of Us” directly reflects a recurring theme in the song’s lyrics. The protagonist in the song is constantly looking for a “glimpse of us” — a trace or a hint of his past relationship — in his present one.

This “Glimpse” could represent a moment, a feeling, a memory, or any element that reminds him of his past relationship. It signifies his inability to let go of his past and his constant seeking of elements from that relationship in his current partner. The “glimpse” serves to encapsulate this key struggle that forms the song’s emotional core.

The “Us” in the song name likely refers to the protagonist and his past lover, emphasizing the shared past and emotional connection that he finds hard to move on from. 

The song’s name thus suggests a longing for the past, a difficulty in accepting the present, and a struggle to embrace the new relationship due to lingering emotional ties to his ex-girlfriend.

Let’s break down the lyrics to know the meaning of the song:

[Verse 1]

The protagonist in the song describes the care and support given by his current girlfriend. She helps alleviate his burdens and brings positivity (“turn the rain to a rainbow”) into his life when he’s feeling low (“living in the blue”). Yet, despite her being perfect, he finds himself longing for his ex-girlfriend. 

This illustrates that even though his current relationship might be objectively better, he’s still emotionally attached to his past. He acknowledges that perfection doesn’t equate to emotional compatibility or fulfillment.


The protagonist notes how his past lover remains in his thoughts, even when she’s not around (“out of sight”). This shows the difficulty in letting go of past relationships and moving on emotionally.


Sometimes, when he looks into the new girl’s eyes, he remembers moments with his old girlfriend (“‘Cause sometimes I look in her eyes / And that’s where I find a glimpse of us”).

He attempts to fall in love with his current partner, but he’s constantly reminded of his past relationship (“I’m thinkin’ of the way it was”). 

He’s stuck in the past, while physically present in the new relationship, making it clear that he hasn’t truly moved on.

[Verse 2]

In Verse 2 of the song, he wonders if his ex-girlfriend is happy with her new boyfriend. He wonders if the new boyfriend makes her laugh like he used to. 

He thinks maybe one day she will miss him too and see him in her new boyfriend’s eyes (“Maybe one day, you’ll feel lonely / And in his eyes, you’ll get a glimpse / Maybe you’ll start slipping slowly and find me again”).


The repeated “Ooh, ooh-ooh / Ooh, ooh-ooh / Ooh, ooh, ooh” could be seen as an expression of longing or sorrow, emphasizing the emotional intensity of the protagonist’s struggle.


The chorus repeats, emphasizing the protagonist’s struggle to move on. He tries to find elements of his past relationship in his current one, and despite saying that he’s moved on, he’s not fully ready to let go of his past and fully commit to his new relationship.

Final Thought

Overall, Joji’s song “Glimpse of Us” tells a story of a person who is in a new relationship but still has feelings for his ex. It’s about the struggle of moving on when you’re still attached to the past. It shows that even when someone seems perfect, they might not be the right person for you if you’re still in love with someone else.

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