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How did Cynthia Rowley Achieve the Net Worth of $100 Million?

by Lily Morgen
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Cynthia Rowley Net Worth

Have you ever found yourself puzzled about Cynthia Rowley’s net worth? Cynthia Rowley is a fashion designer based in New York City with a net wealth of $100 million as of 2023.

She is well renowned for her work in the women’s clothing industry. We will talk about how she earned a net worth of around $100 million as well as what we can learn from her success story.

Early Life

Rowley is a Barrington, Illinois native. She is the youngest child born to Ed Rowley, a retired science teacher, and his painter wife. She attended High School in Barrington and graduated with a BFA in 1981 from the Art Institute of Chicago. More information about her early life can be found on her Wikipedia.

Career Development

Rowley is a well-known fashion model in the current era. Her fashion impact spans all genres, from semi-formal dresses to a quirky range of home items. Rowley was inspired by generations of her artistic relatives. Even in her formative days as a creative, she never let anything dim her determination.

Clothing Brand

Cynthia Rowley is also Her clothing brand. Rowley’s career has revolved around her apparel line. She is well recognized for her vibrant, flowing, feminine looks that are stylish yet keep a sense of childlike wonder. After producing her first collection of merino sweaters, she met a man who agreed to market her designs across New York.

The only catch was for her to cover the cost of his flight ticket. She accepted the demands and escorted the man to the central city. He approached Rowley a few days later after achieving enormous success in New York. She marketed 400 pieces to Henri Bendel as well as smaller businesses.

Designing Eyewear

Rowley launched her first line of eyeglasses in spring season 2005 with the backing of the Kenmark Group and B. Robinson. The unusual three-way cooperation enabled each side to offer their skills, ensuring a flawless release. She was challenged with creating eyeglasses that distinguished out from the crowd.

The Kenmark Group employed around 80 people but grew after collaborating with B. Robinson and Rowley. Rowley has also collaborated with online optical retailer Zenni on two eyewear collections. She recently launched her second line with them due to COVID-19 quarantine.

Home Products

Rowley launched her first household goods collection, Swell, for Target in 2002, based on her 1999 and 2002 novels. Rowley launched a summer-themed exterior home products collection for Target in 2008. The Whim collection includes over 500 different items. Each item has her signature brilliant colors and graphic designs.

In 2010, Target became the official retailer of Rowley’s Nappies and diapers. She created 11 types of diapers to provide parents with additional alternatives for their children. Since partnering with Target, she has developed an amazing collection of home items such as cleaning supplies such as sponges.

Athletic Wear

Rowley noticed that the wetsuits she used during her early surfing days all looked the same and had no particular flair. While surfing, another surfer approached Rowley and complimented her on her efforts. He inquired about the possibility of her designing surf apparel for his brand, Roxy. The wetsuits were a huge success worldwide, particularly in New York, France, Tokyo, and Australia.

Rowley experimented with many unique cuts for her initial line of swimsuits. Her boy-cut swimsuits were the most famous of her styles. On the other hand, Rowley desired more control over the development of her outfit. Rowley labored tirelessly to construct her first published wetsuit, but she succeeded.

On Television

Rowley possesses a vivacious personality that radiates brightly every time she appears on TV. She was a judge for many television design competitions because of this. Rowley practiced law on the program in 2008 with Genevieve Gorder and Vern Yip. HGTV is now resurrecting the show with fresh judges and competitors.

In 2010, she served as a guest host on Grand Runway’s season 8, episode 6. Rowley launched her design contest program 24 Hour Catwalk in 2012, alongside other judges D. Blasberg, A. Chung, and J. LaForce.

 As An Author

The following novels are either written or co-written by her:

  • Swell: A Girl’s Guide to the Good Life (1999)
  • Home Swell Home (2002)
  • Swell Holiday (2003)
  • The Swell Dressed Party (2005)
  • Slim: A Fictional Memoir (2007)

Podcast with Kit Keenan

Rowley and her daughter, Kit Keenan, co-host a mother-daughter podcast titled Ageless. The stylish family pair discusses their follies and the insights they learned along the road on the program.

The biweekly program has a variety of speakers who discuss style, art, economics, parenthood, and health. They also discuss their body image, nutrition, morality, and even astronomy.

Cynthia Rowley’s Net Worth 2023

Rowley has a total value of $100 million, which she gained as a fashion icon in the United States. Although the aspects of the amount of money she has made are unclear, we can assume the majority of her net worth comes from her fashion line. Also with her real estate.

Rowley had bought four homes in New York’s West Village but sold one in 2019. Rowley purchased the facility in 2014 for $10.995 million and sold it four years later for $17 million. However, it needed a year and a price decrease before the house drew attention.

She sold the 6,000-square-foot mansion for $14 million the following year. Rowley, meanwhile, continues to own land in the region. Her New York store is housed in her 19-foot-wide apartment.

What Can Cynthia Rowley Teach Us?

Rowley attributes her success later in life to her lighthearted approach as a young designer. Rowley was prepared to go to any length to succeed, regardless of what the future held or what others thought. Rowley’s subsequent business decisions were made based on gut.

On the other hand, Rowley would not have started a business at all if not for her grandparents’ $3,000 initial money. Her family was well aware that she had a design talent, as one of her grandfathers designed the Pabst Blue Ribbon drink logo.

Rowley’s passion for style is almost genetic, as she inspired her older daughter, Kit Keenan, to launch her clothing line, KIT. Rowley desired to provide parents with more design and fashion options in all aspects of everyday life. When your life is as hectic as Rowley’s, you need to find a pastime that helps you to de-stress and take a rest.

Rowley uses surfing to escape the world’s issues and connect the earth. She feels that surfers are the most environmental individuals on the planet. This is because they experience the consequences of pollution daily and rely on the ocean waves for calm and enjoyment.

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